Podcast|Social Media-Do’s, Don’ts and More!

Last week, on Episode 1 of the Make Rodeo Great Podcast we talked about Facebook as a promotion tool. This week we will delve into the other “socials,” to include: Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. I’ll discuss some of the basic tenets that I believe are helpful and then we will get into the do’s and dont’s of ALL of social media.

This week we will also have a new “Motivation” segment courtesy of notes that I took while reading country music legend Charlie Daniel’s new memoir “Never Look at the Empty Seats!” I highly recommend this book. The book is an easy read that would suit ANYONE, not just “music people” or people in the entertainment business. For anyone in the entertainment business, including the rodeo business, this book is required reading.

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Podcast|Social Media-Do’s, Don’ts and More!

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