Podcast 11|Extreme Sports and Your Brain!

Bull riding and NEUROSCIENCE!!!

On this week’s episode of The Make Rodeo Great Podcast we have special guest Dr. Vanessa Meyer,(aka “Vanessa Mohawk“) in studio to discuss the chemical responses in our brains that come from extreme activities like skydiving AND bull riding. Dr. Meyer is no stranger to extreme sports as she is an avid skydiver with more than 1,000 jumps to her credit. We will discuss the similarities of the rodeo and skydiving sub-cultures.

  • Tuesday, January 16, 2018
  • Find Matt
  • Gratitude
  • New CEO of the PRCA
  • Odessa Results
    • Bareback Riding
      • Two guys absent from the NFR
        • 1. Evan Jayne, 84 points on Beutler & Son Rodeo’s Nutrena’s Movie Madness, $3,144
        • 2.┬áKaycee Feild, 82, $2,411
    • Steer Wrestling
      • Luke Branqhuino is still re-habbing, but he’s back to jumping steers
        • Competition better be watching for his return
      • Tom Lewis wins with 8.1 on 2
    • Tie-down Roping
      • World Champion Marcos Costa starts 2018 right where he left off.
        • $4,200 for first place and $4,500 (8.5 sec)
    • After leaving PBR J.W. Harris starts 2018 PRCA with win and momentum
  • Special Guest – Vanessa Meyer, PhD
    • Brain Chemistry of Extreme Sports Like Bull Riding and Sky Diving
    • Comparing the Skydiving and Bull Riding Sub-cultures

Photos: Special Guest – Dr. Vanessa Meyer, aka “Vanessa Mohawk”

Don't mix the streams!

For some reason, I don’t think this is what Dr. Vanessa “Mohawk” Meyer does at work!

Dr. Vanessa Meyer contemplating the next skydive.

This doesn’t look EXTREME!

Helicopter Dismount Sky Diving.

Maybe Dr. Meyer (lower, right) is pretty much an adrenalin junkie, badass!

Podcast 11|Extreme Sports and Your Brain!

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