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Episode 10 – Make Rodeo Great Podcast


  • Time Off
  • Focus on Enjoying Time Off
    • Rodeo generally slows down in the colder months. Many of us see a significant slow-down and that means NO REVENUE!
      • First, as a businessperson, you need to plan for this trough in activity
      • Second, soak up the time at home and with your family. For some, time with family will make you appreciate being on the road.
      • Third, use this time wisely after you have re-charged your batteries.
        • Get social media/web set up, updated, refreshed
        • Work on your acts
        • Make networking/marketing plans

Movie Review? Again?

  • Star Wars, The Last Jedi
    • Overall entertaining, but not the greatest ever
      • Too many jokes
      • Again, a bit Derivative, felt kind a like Empire Strikes Back
    • The life lesson
      • Luke is ready to throw his hands up because he has perceived his failure.
      • Yoda comes along and drops the truth bomb on him:
        • Paraphrasing: “You learn the most from your failures!”
          • This is right along the lines of Gary V, Andy Frisella, Jocko

Animal Welfare

  • Incident in New York with PBR
    • Facebook Video
      • PBR Stock Contractors and families cursing and carrying on with vulgar language
  • Tuff Cooper D.Q. in Canada
  • Future of Sport in the Lens of Animal Welfare
    • Barnum and Bailey shut down
    • Sea World has made vast changes
    • The radical Animal Rights factions believe that you shouldn’t even be able to have domestic pets…look it up!
    • Every person in the sport of rodeo MUST consider themselves an ambassador of animal welfare
    • Animal Rights groups are very smart, they will peel away at the sport-event by event.
      • Calf Roping is the start.
        • Some places it is outlawed.
    • Prognostication: Canada will be the first to Fall-I hope I’m wrong.
  • What to do?
    • First and foremost, ALWAYS remain calm, reasoned, pleasant, friendly
      • Understand from the “get go” that you are not going to convince them otherwise
    • Most of the time, it’s NOT a good time to have a debate.
      • We saw this in the NYC PBR Video. They came to ambush folks and get somebody to act ugly, mission accomplished!
    • Don’t be worried when they are videoing!
      • At every rodeo, from pumpkin pulling to WNFR, everyone else has a video camera (phone) recording.
        • Why are they different?
        • What are you doing that you are afraid to have recorded?
          • Situations do arise in our business that we would not want recorded, but we need to do our best to avoid those times.
      • You need to be prepared at all times for this to happen. Regardless of the venue.
        • Don’t do stupid stuff:
          • Don’t bring crippled stock to an event! (I have seen it over and over)
            • I know, stock gets crippled on the trailer, on site, etc.
          • If something looks unsavory, think about:
            • It’s a balancing act.
              • Where you are going with it? Is there likely to be issue at this venue?
                • The scale is sliding. In NYC the stakes are higher than in Stamford, Texas
              • The level of “unsavoryness”
              • Do you absolutely need to bring this individual stock?
                • Is there a replacement?
                • Is this an extra?
                • Can another one “pinch hit”
              • Is it worth the potential “heartache?
        • CANNOT react the way the NYC deal went down! THIS is what they want and it plays into their hands.
          • You will NOT change these folks mind in this environment-they are NOT there for anything other than mayhem
          • As I said in earlier podcast, “stay above the fray”
          • We are ALL emissaries of the sport of rodeo and bull riding, BUT one incident can submarine a great deal of effort.
        • What to do, at the minimum
          • Be nice. Be nice. Be nice.
            • Smile, answer questions, use a pleasant tone.
            • Don’t let them get you riled up-that’s precisely what they want
            • Don’t “cuss them”
        • The PBR,CBR, PRCA MUST “get in front of this” and “stay in front of this” NOW
          • Individually, we in the business have a duty to be informed, educated and REASONED
          • The associations should be providing support in the form of:
            • materials for the rank and file to better understand our positions and arguments
            • top level individuals and resources for “face of the firm” response, training events and point persons
              • The PRCA is the only group that has done enough promotion of their efforts that I know about it. And I’m “in the business”!
              • Click HERE for Link
              • Again, must be “ahead of this”
            • they owe it to the members
              • But don’t rely solely on them, Remember Smokey the Bear: “Only You can prevent Forest Fires!”

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