Episode 15|Interview with Rodeo Legend Leon Coffee

Episode 15 – Make Rodeo Great Podcast

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  • Event Flyers & Posters
    • Basics
      • 5 “Ws” and “H”
        • Who, What, When, Where, Why and How
      • These MUST be on the flyer! Do NOT create a piece that requires someone to take any more action steps that looking at the flyer!
        • Your event is competing for attention in a marketplace that is overwhelmed with messages
          • People are lazy. All they do is scroll through feeds all day. They’re not going to take any more steps unless they are REALLY interested.
          • Don’t give them an “out” to not know the complete details of your event.
      • Make it BIG if Print
      • Don’t clutter it with too much stuff.
        • Again, competing for attention. Every minute detail is NOT necessary and might cause a viewer to miss the important stuff.
          • The concession stand menu is not necessary
      • Start Early
        • When you rush you put yourself in pressure situation where you may not have time to do a thorough review. Errors, content, etc.
        • Give yourself plenty of time for printing. Good 4 color process printing can take 14 days if you don’t have a “connection” or aren’t a priority customer for the press.
        • Give yourself time to properly promote your event.
          • Putting out flyers the week prior to your event will likely be unsuccessful
      • Copy shop v. Print Shop
        • Copy Shops: FedEx/Kinkos; MailBoxes Etc.; UPS Stores are fine, but you will not get the quality of a true print shop using a press (most likely digital for 4 color)
        • Print Shops: online or “brick and mortar” print shops that use presses (digital or otherwise) will provide a far superior product
          • Cons: time frame and MAYBE cost
          • Pros: superior quality and MAYBE cost
            • turns on your price per item and how many you are ordering
              • You will need to do your homework on cost
          • We have a print vendor that does very nice 4 color work and their pricing and quality is a great value
    • Design
      • Creativity is NOT the first focus. Easy readability and attention grabbing is first focus!
      • You may need to design two if you are doing print and web/social
        • Reasons
          • Quality¬†full color printing takes time
          • Some things may not show as good on web v. print and vice-versa
      • Be mindful of how complex the background imaging becomes.
        • More detail=Harder to read
      • Font
        • Style-Ease and speed of reading
        • Size-Ease and speed of reading and reading from a distance
          • Plays into web v. print applications

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  • Leon Coffee

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  • February 17, 2018
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Episode 15|Interview with Rodeo Legend Leon Coffee

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