Results: Cowboys Extreme Bull Riding 8-29-15

August 29, 2015 (San Antonio, Texas)-A tremendous set of bucking bulls assembled at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio in order to match up with some of the best bull riders in the world. Five cowboys were able to make it to the eight second whistle, but international rider, Jorge Valdiviezo came out on top-winning first and third place with his two entries. Lane Nobles, of China Spring, Texas, continued his hot streak with a second place finish. National Finals Rodeo qualifier Cooper Davis rounded out the “paying places” with his 83.5 point ride for fourth place.

  1. Jorge Valdiviezo – 88 pts on Rockin’ I’s 181 “Cowboy Soul” – $800.00
  2. Lane Nobles – 85.5 pts on Rockin’ I’s 126x “Percy” – ‘$600.00
  3. Jorge Valdiviezo – 84.5 pts on Rockin’ I’s 331 “Weird Kevin” – $400.00
  4. Cooper Davis – 83.5 pts on Rockin’ I’s 04 “Ought Four” – $200.00
Personnel & Livestock
  • Producer: DVS Productions
  • Judges: Mike Furr  & Barry Gullo
  • Arena Director: Bo Davis
  • Livestock: Rockin’ “I” Rodeo
  • Protection Athletes: Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez & Jimmy Turner
  • Safety Rider: JW Tucker, XIV
  • Secretary: Tracy Prescott
  • Music Director: Nick “DJ Skeet” Abramow
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

CBD Extreme 829