Giveaway! PBR Trivia

Here’s the details on the trivia contest:

  • Three Winners.
  • Prize: one (1) Columbia River Knife and Tool-K.E.R.T. Tool per winner. (see below)
  • To win: 1) answer the trivia question in the “Comment” section on this page (at bottom), AND  2) correct answer givers MUST “Like,” or have already, “LIKED” the Matthew Myers-Rodeo Announcer Facebook Fan Page.
  • Bonus Opportunity* (20 winners): The first ten people to add/follow me on Instagram and the first ten people to add/follow me on Twitter will receive a sticker (see below). If you have already followed me on both, post a comment below with your email address. *No Trivia Answer Required.

The Question:

  • One of the bull riders listed on the draw for the this weekend’s Luke Snyder Invitational is an enthusiast and breeder of a certain type/breed of dogs. Hints: 1) The specific rider that I am seeking is NOT from Texas, 2) he IS on Facebook and Instagram,  3) he is entered in the first section, and 4) his day job is in the physical therapy business.
  • Answer will consist of 1) a rider’s name AND the 2) the breed of dog…POSTED in the “Comments” Section Below!!!


The “Main” Prize(s):

2014-12-12 15.32.40

The Bonus Prize(s):

5" Circle Mic/Skull Bumper Sticker

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