HD Video: “Cowboy Christmas” by H.D. Motyl | Trailer & Full Film Link

“Cowboy Christmas,” a 75-minute documentary film made by Southern Illinois University associate professor H.D. Motyl about the annual Fourth of July rodeo week, has been selected for the Three Rivers Film Festival in Pittsburgh, Pa. In mid-June 2009, Motyl and a crew of three set out from Carbondale, Ill., on a three-week, 2,000-mile-plus filming adventure that took them to 18 rodeos in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Nebraska. To personalize the story of life on the rodeo road, he focused on steer wrestlers Matt Reeves, Darrell Petry, Jule Hazen and Sam Koenig, Reeves’ father-in-law. “I spent about half the time on the road interviewing them in the cab of their trucks and even spent some overnights sleeping in their trailers while the rest of my crew stayed in motels,” Motyl told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (www.prorodeo.com’s News and Notes from the Rodeo Trail November 17, 2014)

It appears that the entire feature is available on some of the internet’s movie streaming sites, but give this link a try –>Click Here<–

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