Official Wrap-up: PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall | 9-20-14

San Antonio (September 20, 2014)-The bulls were rough on the riders at the PBR at Cowboys Dancehall this weekend. Only one man in the field, Jason Malone, was able to make a qualified ride on the night. Malone was entered twice at this event and rode IROC Rodeo’s 999 “Big Sandy” for 77 points to pocket the entire payout: $4,462.50. Despite the the bulls getting the best of the bull riders, we had a rocking crowd that was singing along with all of the music and dancing to the beats-these are the most fun evenings for myself: when everybody is really “into it.”

The PBR at Cowboys Dancehall is scheduled to return on October 11, 2014. Stay connected with on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself in the loop!

The Winner and His BuckleIMG_0860.JPG

Section 1IMG_0851.JPG

Section 2IMG_0853.JPG

Official Results & PayoutOfficial Results & Payout


  1. Jason Malone – 77 pts on IROC Rodeo’s 999 “Big Sandy” – $4,462.50

Personnel & Livestock

Producer: DVS Productions
Judges: Billy Cocharane & Jimbo Kimbro
Arena Director: Bo Davis
Livestock: Currey Creek Bucking Bulls, B & E Bucking Bulls, JD Nix Bucking Bulls, Koben Puckett,  Bucking Bulls, TLW Bucking Bulls
Protection Athletes: Winston Derby, Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez, Todd Yarbrough
Safety Rider: Charlie Hellen
Secretary: Tracy Prescott
Photography: Kierce Photography
Music Director: Nicole “DJ Show” Myers
Announcer: Matthew Myers

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