Results & Wrap-up: PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall | 5/10/14

San Antonio (May 10, 2014)-Twelve of the 30 entries at the PBR at Cowboys Dancehall this weekend were international bull riders. The marquee event played host to six Australian bull riders and four riders from Mexico. Our guests from Australia did not fare so well-not a single qualified ride amongst their ranks; however, Mexican cowboy Gustavo Pedrero won the event with a thrilling 87 point ride on Currey Creek Mafia’s 7477 “Main Event” to pocket $1,836.00. Alternate entry rider, Ryan Estrada, capitalized on his opportunity and won second place with an 83.5 point ride aboard Currey Creek Mafia’s 071 “Travelin’ Man.” Estrada’s efforts earned him a nice little sum as well-$1,428.00.

This event also marked the return of bullfighter Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez. Our man “Taz” took a nasty hit at our PBR event on February 15, 2014 and sustained a broken shoulder. We spoke after the event and he said that there were some “nerves” at the beginning, but it didn’t take long for him to get back into the “groove.” We’re glad he’s back and you can check out more about him on his Facebook Fan Page –>HERE<–.

The PBR at Cowboys Dancehall is scheduled to return on June 7, 2014. Stay connected with on Facebook and Twitter to keep yourself in the loop!


  1. Gustavo Pedrero-87 points on Currey Creek Mafia’s 7477 “Main Event”-$1,836.00
  2. Ryan Estrada-83.5 points on Currey Creek Mafia’s 071 “Travelin’ Man”-$1,428.00
  3. Guthrie Long-82.5 points on Edward Martinez’ L111 “Heat Wave”-$1,071.00
  4. Juan Alonzo-80 points on JD Nix’s 111 “Freaky”-$765.00

The Winner

PBR at Cowboys Dancehall-May 10. 2014 Event Winner Gustavo Pedrero with his Buckle.

PBR at Cowboys Dancehall-May 10. 2014 Event Winner Gustavo Pedrero with his Buckle.

Section 1 Results PBR @ CBD 5/10/14

Section 2 Results PBR @ CBD 5/10/14

Payout & Official Results PBR @ CBD 5/10/14

Personnel & Livestock

  • Producer: DVS Productions
  • Judges: Billy Cocharane & Jimbo Kimbro
  • Arena Director: Bo Davis
  • Livestock: Currey Creek Bucking Bulls, B & E Bucking Bulls, JD Nix Bucking Bulls, Edward Martinez Bucking Bulls
  • Protection Athletes: Winston Derby, Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez, Todd Yarbrough
  • Safety Rider: Brad McDougal
  • Secretary: Tracy Prescott
  • Photography: Kierce Photography
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

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