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In a shameless attempt to grow the “likes” on the Matthew Myers-Rodeo Announcer Facebook “Fan Page” I am having a give-a-way to entice people to increase the “likes” to 350 total. Entry is a simple two-step process:

  1. You must “like” the Matthew Myers-Rodeo Announcer Facebook Fan Page. Everyone is eligible to win-whether you “liked” it today or a year ago; AND THEN YOU MUST
  2. Enter a “Comment” on this very webpage through the “Leave a Comment” portal below this post.

Once, the Matthew Myers-Rodeo Announcer Facebook Fan Page reaches 350 “likes” I will randomly select one winner from the pool of people who have properly completed the entry task above. That is only about 80 more likes than I have today (I’m not setting the bar too high here folks…so you’ll have roughly a 1 in 80 chance of winning the prize pack that is worth at least $85.00).

Here is the Prize Pack for the ONE Lucky Winner:

  1. A brand new copy of one of my favorite rodeo books in the world: “Rain or Shine: A Family Memoir” by Cyra McFadden. Cyra is the daughter of legendary rodeo announcer Cy Taillon. Although this book is not a pure “rodeo” book….it is a great “read.”;
  2. The brand new “Nod & Win” snap-back, mesh-back cap. Pictured below. If you haven’t seen the “Nod and Win” brand, you can check them out –>HERE<—; and
  3. A limited edition “Matthew Myers – Rodeo Announcer” flashlight. This bad boy is a 3D cell, LED MagLight brand flashlight. Red in color with my company name laser engraved on the handle. This is a highly sought after device and only a few exist in the world!

Prize Pack for Facebook Fan Page "like" Contest

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