Results: PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall 4/12/14 (plus video!)

San Antonio (April 12, 2014)-In 1968 John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles penned the classic “Birthday” song that was released on their “White Album.” The lyrics include “They say it’s your birthday; We’re gonna’ have a good time.” Last night was Lane Noble’s 22 birthday and he definitely had a “good time”-marking 89.5 points for the event win on IROC Rodeo/Silver Mesquite Ranch’s 029 “Two Chains” and pocketing $1,654.95.

Saturday night’s Y-100’s presentation of the PBR was action packed-with four rides marked 85 points or better. In addition to Lane Nobles 89.5 point ride, Wrangler Dunda was 87.5; Brazilian Aniro Francisco de Costa carded an 86.5 point ride; and Ralph Benson put 85 points in his column.


  1.  Lane Nobles 89.5 points on IROC Rodeo/Silver Mesquite Ranch 029 “Two Chains” $1,654.95
  2. Wrangler Dunda 87.5 points on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 263 “Freaky Friday” $1,253.75
  3. Aniro Francisco de Costa 86.5 points on Currey Creek Bucking Bulls’ 897 “Mo’ Money” $902.70
  4. Ralph Benson, Jr. 86 points on Currey Creek Bucking Bulls’ 620 “Blonde Bomber” $601.80
  5. Jason Malone 81.5 points on 5S Ranch’s +2/7 “Red Man” $351.05
  6. Zach Miles 80 points on 801 Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s “Pistolero” $250.75

Event Winner and “Birthday Boy” Lane Nobles

Big smile from our event winner and "birthday boy" Lane Nobles. Cool shirt too!

Big smile from our event winner and “birthday boy” Lane Nobles. Cool shirt ‘bro!

Section 1

PBR @ CBD Section 1 Results 4/12/14

Section 2

PBR @ CBD 4/12/14 - Section 1

Official Results & Payout

PBR @ CBD Official Results & Payout 4/12/14

The Buckle

Buckle PBR @ CBD 4/12/14


Personnel & Livestock

  • Producer: DVS Productions
  • Judges: Billy Wayne Busby & Bill Raper
  • Arena Director: Billy Cochrane
  • Livestock: Currey Creek Bucking Bulls, Dawn Garza, Wendell Munson, T4 Bucking Bulls, 4G & C7, 5S Ranch, Covenant Rodeo Livestock, IROC Rodeo Company, Silver Mesquite Ranch
  • Protection Athletes: Winston Derby, Larry Gandy, Todd Yarbrough
  • Safety Rider: J.W. Tucker
  • Secretary: Tracy Prescott
  • Photography: Kierce Photography
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

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