Highlights for Saturday’s PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall

The PBR is back at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio, Texas. The draw is has been released and here are some of my thoughts on the upcoming event:

PBR Finals Bucking Bulls Scheduled to Appear:

  • 620 “Blonde Bomber”Currey Creek Mafia: in addition to being a PBR Finals selectee bull, this bull was also the 2013 Maturity Madness winner. Ralph Benson has drawn this bull and he could match up well for a great ride and some money in his pocket. Douglas Duncan was 87 points on this bull at the BFTS in Albuquerque last month.
  • +2/7 “Red Man”Shoemaker’s 5S Ranch: this was the bull that Silvano Alves rode at the  2011 PBR Finals to solidify his first PBR World Championship. The last two rides on this bull have yielded scores of 87 & 87.5 points. Jason Malone has drawn this bull and he is red hot…coming off of his recent win at the PBR in Omaha, Nebraska. If Malone can capitalize, this is likely an event winning ride.
  • 913 “Walter Pepper”Currey Creek Mafia: this bull has been ridden three times in a row at Cowboys Dancehall-all for paid placing rides. Francisco Morales has this bull on Saturday night and he has been riding well lately with a second place finish at Cowboys last month and a fourth at Waco last weekend.
  • R351 “Get a Holt’ On”Currey Creek Mafia: I’ll be honest with you, this bull stubbed his toe at Albuquerque last month. That trend is highly unlikely to continue. Virginia native, Roger Loop has this bull and Loop better have his hammer cocked on Saturday night.

Riders Scheduled to Appear

  • Jory Markiss aka “Mr. Excitement”-Jory is fighting his way back to the Built Ford Tough. He is entered twice and has drawn 79- “Fukishima” and 002-“Hot Foot” he must capitalize and convert these rides in money so that he can get himself back to the promised land of the BFTS. Don’t miss a chance to watch this guy ride in person-he’s a crowd pleaser!
  • Jason Malone aka “French Water” (you’ll have to ask him yourself)-Malone is coming off a trip to the BFTS courtesy of his win in Omaha, Nebraska. He did not fair so well on the BFTS and he will be riding in his hometown this weekend looking to bump himself back up to the Tour. He’s entered twice and drew 128 “Dirt Peddler” and +2/7 “Red Man.” “‘Peddler” has only been ridden once in PBR competition-this bull will be a challenge for anyone in the PBR. On paper, “Red Man” looks like a “money” bull, but I don’t have to ride him! Will sleeping in his own bed and the home cooking be an advantage or a hindrance?
  • Derek Powell (I’m not sure if he has a nickname)-Derek also bumped himself up to the BFTS with an event win at Cowboys Dancehall. He rode two of his BFTS bulls at Tacoma, WA. Again, this cowboy is entered twice with 925 “Woody” and L12 “Machinery Auctioneers’ Old School.” He is nursing a slight bit of pain in his wrist-we shall see how it effects him on Saturday night.

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