Jim Hogg County Fair Bull Riding

The Second Annual Jim Hogg County Fair Bullriding was beset by rain and a cold front, but that did not deter the bull riding “rowdies,” cowboys or bucking bulls from being a part of a jam up show. The good Lord began blessing the event with rain during the introductions and never quite let up. Only two cowboys, Ronnie Kitchens and Zach Miles, made qualified rides on both their long and short go-round bulls.

Ronnie Kitchens, 1996 PBR Rookie of the Year and 1996 PBR Finals Champion, made two great rides to win the event. Kitchens marked 83 points in the long round on KP Bucking Bull’s 45 “Dr. Love” and then followed that up with an 85 point ride on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 263 “Freaky Friday” in the short go-round. Zach Miles “gut checked” his way through his long go-round bull with a 76 point ride on J.D. Nix 9 “Sparkles”–a ride in which his cowboy determination kept him hanging off of the side of his bull for the last few moments of the ride. For Miles, the short-go round was a different story, he thrilled the crowd with an 86 point ride on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 70 “Pistols & Roses” for a second place finish.


1. Ronnie Kitchens-168 points on two

2. Zach Miles-162 points on two

3./4. Colby Jones Juan Alonzo-83 points on one

Long Round

1./2./3. Ronnie Kitchens-83 points on KP Bucking Bull’s 45 “Dr. Love”

1./2./3. Colby Jones-83 points on KP Bucking Bull’s 10 “Tynan’s Crusade”

1./2./3. Juan Alonzo-83 points on J.D. Nix’s 911 “Hootie”

4. Ethan Myers-82 points on Sosa Bucker’s 03 “Blake”

5. Mark Johnson-81 points on Los dos Gueros’ 961 “Booger”

6. Zach Miles-76 points on J.D. Nix 9 “Sparkles”

7. Luis Blanco-77.5 points on Sosa Bucker’s 121 “Cooley”

8. David Gonzales-74 points on Covenant Rodeo Livestock 55S “Night Moves”

9. J.T. Moore-65 points on KP Bucking Bull’s 4 “Kacen’s Pride”


1. Zach Miles-86 points on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 70 “Pistols & Roses”

2. Ronnie Kitchens-85 points on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 263 “Freaky Friday”


  • Producer: Covenant Rodeo Livestock
  • Stock Contractors: Covenant Rodeo Livestock, J.D. Nix Bucking Bulls, KP Bucking Bulls, Los dos Gueros Bucking Bulls, Sosa Buckers
  • Judges: Bo Davis & Billy Cochrane
  • Safety Rider: B.J. Posas
  • Bullfighters: Aaron Bostick, Zach Huff & Garrett Gossett
  • Barrel Man: Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez
  • Photographer: Kierce Photography
  • Secretary: Dusty Vela
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcers: Matthew Myers


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