Results: PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall 2/15/14

San Antonio (February 15, 2014)-It took some time for the bull riders of the PBR to wake up on Saturday night at Y-100’s presentation of the PBR at Cowboys Dancehall but once they did they managed to energize the house with some great rides. Section 1 was a virtual desert with only one man, Weberson Duarte, making it to the eight second mark for 83.5 points on Edward Martinez’s S917 “Dee Zee Texture Black.” Section 2 was a different story-the bull riders went 8 for 15 to finish off the event.

Colorado transplant and Kerrville, Texas resident Derek Powell topped all of the competition with an 87.5 point ride aboard Shoemaker’s 5S Ranch +2/7 “Redman.” This PBR Finals bull was the bull that Silvano Alves rode in 2011 to solidify his first World Championship. I spoke with Powell after the event and he remarked that this was a great win in light of the fact he has been fighting some pain and stiffness in his back. In addition to the championship buckle, Powell took home $1,683.00 in winnings.

My first “Match-up to Watch” from the preview post came to fruition. Aussie David Mason recently came back to the United States and is living at the Evans Ranch in the Highland Lakes area. His ride on Currey Creek Mafia’s R351 “Get a Holt’ On” garner 86.6 points, electrified the crowd and put $1,096.50 in his pocket.

On a more somber note, Bullfighter Jonathan “Taz” Talamantez took a brutal hit from Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 805 “Double Jeopardy.” After Cameron Sasko’s ride was complete “Double Jeopardy” lined him out and pitched him quite a ways into the air. On the landing Talamantez ended up breaking his scapula. Early reports from his wife Ruby Jean indicate that doctors will elect to forego surgery to let the scapula heal on its own. Prayers for a speedy recovery for a brother of the arena.

The next installment of Y-100’s presentation of the PBR at Cowboys Dancehall is scheduled for March 22-make sure to put in on your calendar!

Official Results

1. Derek Powell-87.5 $1,683.00 on 5S Ranch Bucking Bulls’ +2/7 “Red Man”

2/3. David Mason (A)-86.5 $1,096.50 on Currey Creek Mafia’s R351 “Get a Holt’ On”

2/3. Kaique Paceco de Oliviera-86.5 $1096.50 on Currey Creek Mafia’s 897 “Mo Money”

4/5. Ralph Benson (B)-84.5-$484.50 on Currey Creek Mafia’s 800 “Bo’s Breath”

4/5. Alexander Cardoza-84.5 $484.50 on Covenant Rodeo Livestock’s 77 “Smokin’ Aces”

6. Weberson Duarte-83.5 $255.00 on Edward Martinez’  S917 “Dee Zee Texture Black”

Personnel & Livestock

  • Producer: DVS Productions
  • Judges: Billy Cochrane & Jimbo Kimbro
  • Arena Director: Bo Davis
  • Livestock: Currey Creek Mafia, Silent 7, Covenant Rodeo Livestock, Edward Martinez, 5S Ranch
  • Protection Athletes: Winston Derby, Jonathan Talamantez
  • Safety Rider: J.W. Tucker
  • Secretary: Tracy Prescott
  • Photography: Kierce Photography
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

Section 1

Section 1 Results PBR @ CBD 2/15/14

Section 2

Section 2 Results PBR @ CBD 2/15/14

Official Results & Payout

Official Results & Payout PBR @ CBD 2/15/14

Winner Derek Powell

Derek Powell-Winner PBR @ CBD 2/15/14

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