Results: Diamond Cross CPRA Winter Series @ Tejas Rodeo (1/11/14)

Bareback Riding presented by Ken Davis Coldwell Banker Realty

  • NQR

Steer Wrestling presented by Sunrise Cattle Company

  1. 6.22-John Bailey-$372.90
  2. 14.83-Kelby Crow-$248.60

Breakaway Roping presented by

  1. 2.44-Erica Meche-$500.75
  2. 3.17-Senisa Blandford-$300.45
  3. 3.19-Meggie Olsen-$200.30

Tie-down presented by Mustang Colt Services

  1. 8.15-Jason Timmerman-$518.08
  2. 8.29-Ace Slone-$404.75
  3. 9.05-Trenton Smith-$291.42
  4. 10.89-Dalton DeWinne-$242.85
  5. 10.93-Rooster Hodge-$161.90

Saddle Bronc presented by Ken Davis Coldwell Banker Realty

  1. 72-Bill Herbert-Diamond Cross Rodeo’s 061 “El Reno”-$530.00

Team Roping presented by Holly Baldwin of Boerne, Texas

  1. 5.06-Mike Bacon & Joseph Harrison-$1007.28/man
  2. 5.90-A.J. Horton & Joseph Harrison-$833.61/man
  3. 6.30-Kevin Rogers & Tyler Winans-$659.94/man
  4. 7.56-Ace Slone & Rhett Wilson-$486.27/man
  5. 8.09-Justin Reininger & Dean Sawyer-$312.60/man
  6. 10.47-Jeff Daugherty & Rhett Wilson-$173.67/man

Barrel Racing presented by Wicked Fast Attire, Hill Country Barn & Fence, and RAW Concrete

  1. 15.652-Charlie Johnson-$663.92
  2. 15.735-Rozlyn Reeves-$497.74
  3. 15.780-Mandi Jo Fox-$331.96
  4. 15.792-Samantha Chick-$165.98

Bull Riding  presented by Riggs Energy

  1. 82-Justin Hendrix-Silent 7’s 871 “Lone Ranger”-$548.25
  2. 76-Alejandro Flores-Diamond Cross Rodeo’s 218 “One Eyed Jack”-$328.95
  3. 73-Tyler Lewis-Silent 7’s “Devil’s Whisker”-$219.30


  • Stock Contractor: Diamond Cross Rodeo
  • Host Facility: Tejas Rodeo
  • Judges: Dudley Butler & Dale Mitschke
  • Secretary: Lynnette Furr
  • Timers: Sherry James, Ashley Payton & Meghan Bryant
  • Bullfighters: Lane Smith, Ethan Sontag & Kameron Warren
  • Pick-up Men: Darren Carter & J.W. Tucker XIV
  • Ground Personnel: Jacob Payton, John Gonzales, Damon Rodgers, Louie Garcia, Paul Reynolds
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers


Damon Rodgers heads off to work the livestock at Tejas Rodeo.

Damon Rodgers heads off to work the livestock at Tejas Rodeo.

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