Kelly C. Houston Memorial Bull Riding Results & Videos

The Houston Family’s inaugural Kelly C. Houston Memorial Bull Riding event for 2013 in officially “in the books.” Thirty-four cowboys showed up to ride at the Cowboy Fellowship of Atascosa County arena to help raise funds for the Kelly C. Houston Memorial Scholarship Fund. At the conclusion of the “long” and “short” go-rounds Reid Barker earned the 2013 Championship by posting a 172.5 aggregate score on two bulls. For Barker, this was the start to a very profitable day riding bulls as he had some great success at the PBR later that same evening.


Long Round

  1. Reid Barker-84.5 on 50/50 Bucking Bulls’ 110 “Moonshine”
  2. B.J. McCelvey-83.5 on R13 Bucking Bulls’ 785 “PG”
  3. Jordan Sammons-79 on 50/50 Bucking Bulls’ 415 “Mean-shine”
  4. Zach Miles-78.5 on R4H Bucking Bulls’ NO# “Betcha’ Won’t”
  5. Kevin Ventura-76 on 50/50 Bucking Bulls’ 3 “Thunderstruck”
  6. J.R. Chapa-75.5 on 50/50 Bucking Bulls’ 66 “Rastus”
  7. Ryan Sanchez-71.5 on R13 Bucking Bulls’ 601 “Landslide”

Short Round*

  1. Reid Barker-88 on 233 “Mexico Kid”
  2. B.J. McKelvey-86 on 945 “Pop-a-Top” & Zach Miles 86

*All Short-Round Bulls from Silent 7


  1. Reid Barker-172.5 on two
  2. B.J. McCelvey-169.5 on two
  3. Zach Miles-164.5 on two


  • Producer: Cuatro Houston
  • Arena Director: Mike Furr
  • Judges: Jimbo Kimbro & Buck Bonner
  • Secretary: Megan Lynn
  • Timer: Brandi Flores & Matthew Myers
  • Bullfighters: Derek Anglin, Heston Krause & Ben Tate
  • Safety Riders: Cuatro Houston, Roper Yow & Clayton Baethge
  • Livestock: Rockin’ 4H, Rockin’ 13, L&G Cattle, Flores, 50/50, Silent 7
  • Sound: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers


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