PBR @ Cowboys Dancehall-Results 5/11/13

As usual, Y-100’s Presentation of the PBR at Cowboy’s Dancehall delivered much intrigue and excitement. Once of the many cool things about announcing this PBR event on a regular basis is getting to see such a wide variety of contestants from all over the United States as well as the planet! The event hosted three Australian riders and four contestants from Mexico. It is also not uncommon to see quite a few Brazilian cowboys entered in these events as well.

By and large rodeo and bull riding is a sport that is dominated, domestically, by contestants from the southwestern part of the United States. Obviously there are exceptions to this rule…and we were witness to one of those exceptions this weekend. When doing my prep work for the event I came across the name Nick Volden from Cashton, WI on the draw sheet. I wasn’t able to find a great deal of information about Volden on the internet and his ProBullStats page was relatively mundane. This weekend Volden burst into the big time making two great rides on two PBR Finals bucking bulls. He was 87.5 on Currey Creek’s R351 Getta’ Holt’ On and 82.5 points on Cody Ohl’s 7103 Locomotion. Congratulations to Nick Volden for his great rides and hopefully we’ll see more of him at our PBR events.

Summer is right around the corner and the Iron Cowboy Invitational event concluded this weekend thus putting the Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) on to its annual summer break. The next BFTS event will be the Tulsa Invitational on August 16-17. During this break the cowboys don’t quit riding, they will continue to travel and ride at the Touring Pro events across the country to earn the precious points needed to make the PBR Finals and win a world championship. Translation: the likelihood of seeing the top cowboys in the world at a PBR Touring Pro event near you are dramatically increased!

1st- Nick Volden (Cashton, WI)-87.5 on Currey Creek’s R351 Getta’ Holt’ On
2nd- Damien Herden (Emerald, QLD, AUS)-87 on Nix/Munson’s 316 Panda’s Trax
3rd- Matt Bohon (Cole Camp, MO)-85.5 on Nix/Munson’s 311 I’m A Panda Too
4/5th- Ralph Benson (Adkins, TX)-84 on Cody Ohl’s 1 April Fools; Travis Briscoe (Edgewood,NM)-84 on Edward Martinez’s 945 Cool Cat

Personnel & Livestock

  • Producer: DVS Productions
  • Judges: Billy Cochrane & Jimbo Kimbro
  • Livestock: Currey Creek Bucking Bulls, Edward Martinez, Cody Ohl, JD Nix
  • Protection Athletes: Todd Yarbrough, Winston Derby, Jonathan Talamantez, Larry Gandy
  • Safety Rider: J.W. Tucker
  • Secretary: Tracy Prescott
  • Photographer: William Kierce
  • Music Director: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

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