Bullnanza Carrizo Springs – Results

The seventh installment of the Dimmit County Chamber of Commerce Bullnanza is in the books. A capacity crowd arrived on the scene to watch 25 bull riders duke it out for the $3500.00 in added money and championship belt buckle. Midway through the event we were besieged by some unfortunately timed, but well needed rain. Some spectators were dissuaded and fled the scene permanently, but a good crowd of die hards remained till the end to see Buck Bonner of Robstown, Texas crowned champion. Bonner was the only rider with qualified rides in both the long and short rounds.



  1. Buck Bonner 161
  2. Sterling Furr 85.5

Long Round

  1. Sydney Barber 86 pts. on 831 Swoggle Horn
  2. Sterling Furr 85.5 pts. on 996 Red Soldier
  3. Slade Malone 80 pts. on 529 Guidry
  4. Buck Bonner 78 pts. on Re-ride (unknown)
  5. Jesse Pohlman 74 pts. on AJ Apple Jack

Short Round

  1. Buck Bonner 83 pts. on 945 Pop-A-Top


  • Judges: Jimbo Kimbro & Guy Hohman
  • Protection Athletes: Jimmy Lee & Marty Cormier
  • Barrelman: Adam Costello
  • Safety Riders: Robert Fluitt & Wendell “Lieutenant Dan” Munson
  • Timer: David Seydel
  • Arena Director: Marshall Schlessiger
  • Sound: Nicole Myers
  • Announcer: Matthew Myers

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